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Why ETS?

ETS is a global leader in healthcare competencies, provided through our premium suite of Emergency Triage Services. Through this suite of services, ETS delivers a full range of healthcare and medical solutions across all industry sectors, operating in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

The ETS difference is built on our combined history and expertise in healthcare, with a specialization in acute, complex emergency medical cases. Over the past decade we have developed unrivalled experience in providing 24-hour emergency Telemedicine and TelePresence services globally. ETS has ensured that only senior emergency physicians who actually work with critical patients on a daily basis are used to provide "point of entry" cute triage support.

Our in-house team of fully qualified and accredited Emergency Physicians is able to provide this high standard of 24-hour emergency advice. This is most important in remote areas, with the increasingly complex and litigious medical world of today. Although most calls for urgent advice will be of a less serious nature and be de-escalated, when a medical emergency or major trauma incident occurs it is critical that the call is answered by an Emergency Physician with a thorough knowledge of resuscitation and up to date urgent care principles.

Remote Clinical Support Services

ETS Remote Clinical Support Services are achieved by delivering the right level of medical and health advice and guidance, in real time and not after a 10 minute or longer timeframe. This provides our clients with peace of mind and the knowledge that any medical emergency is expertly handled... anywhere in the world and at any time.

Vast distances, hostile environments, limited communications and transport links make the delivery of medical care and evacuations difficult to manage in an effective time frame. This is particularly so for complex, acute emergency ‘life and limb’ cases. This type of challenging care requires specialized clinical support delivered remotely to on-site health facilities, or incident scenes. This needs to be underpinned by effective communications with a concurrent ability to inform your management team.

The ETS 'proprietary’ 24/7 ETS Acute Clinical Hub is located in Perth WA. This service provides the necessary technology and expertise essential to lead the management of remote medical emergencies to a standard that your people deserve.

24/7 ETS Acute Clinical Hub (ETS-AC HUB)

24/7 Emergency Triage Services 1800 -TRIAGE

The ETS AC-Hub offers the following 24/7 services:
  • Dedicated Call Centre; All Calls triaged by Australian Specialist Emergency Physician(s) and de-escalated forlesser cases
  • Dedicated ETS Acute Clinical Hub; Connecting Leading Independent Specialists, Emergency Physicians, Doctors, Nurse Specialists
  • Remote Medical Consultations; Medical Certificates,Referrals and Prescriptions
  • Independent Medical Evacuation Advice
  • Independent Reviews
  • Advanced and unrivalled Concierge Services

Access is through our 1800 number and digital eMedicine switching portal. First response calls are triaged by Emergency Medicine Physicians and supported by advanced medical and nursing professionals.

The ETS-AC HUB has a network of leading medical specialists who can deliver real time engagement with paramedic and nursing staff at remote work sites. The result is a level of support to an injured employee, on client’s sites and remote locations, that could only be matched in established tertiary care facilities.

Access to the ETS-AC HUB delivers far more than emergency competencies to our clients. It delivers a full range of care including remote medical GP consultations, medical certificates, referrals and prescriptions. This is further enhanced by the delivery of remote training and

Staffing Solutions

ETS offers a highly qualified complement of skilled medical & healthcare staff, deployed across all industry sectors. We provide clients with a range of choices that are developed collaboratively, with consideration given to the task risk profile, legislative and regulatory compliance as well as cost.

Consulting Services

ETS offers a range of professional health consulting services to both public and private sector clients. We aim to provide our clients with services of the highest standard to assist decision making in health investment and management of health resources.