Emergency Triage Services (ETS): Remote Portal

  • 24/7 Global Remote Access
  • 24/7 On Call FACEM Emergency Specialist Triage
  • 24/7 Unparalleled Medical Concierge with Leading Specialists
  • Excellence in Standards & Service Delivery
  • Independent Vetting of Client Medical Services Contracts
  • Independent Medical Evacuation Advice
  • Truly Independent, not contracting from Left hand to Right hand

“It’s not just about delivering FACEM emergency services at a point of acute injury, it is about the depth and quality of medical Specialist teams that support or take over from a point of injury management and deliver the highest level of ongoing triage support to an injured worker, ensuring best recovery and rapid return to work. ETS’s focus is not just about FACEM services, equally we focus on expedited access to our leading independent Specialist teams.”

Michael Henderson

Emergency Triage Services (ETS): Introduction

We are a global leader in the delivery of remote and complex emergency medicine, provided through our premium suite of emergency triage services and delivered by our Senior FACEM and leading independent Specialist teams. ETS ensures that only Senior Specialist FACEM Emergency Physicians who work with critical patients, on a daily basis are used to provide ‘point of injury’ acute triage support.

ETS delivers this suite of dedicated solutions across all industry sectors, operating in metropolitan, regional and remote international locations. Our difference is built on our combined history and expertise in healthcare, with a specialization in acute, complex remote emergency medical cases. Over the past decade we have developed unrivalled experience in providing 24/7 emergency Telemedicine and TelePresence services globally, using our ‘proprietary’ technology platforms.

ETS’s Remote Clinical Support is delivered in real time and not after a 10 minute or longer clinical engagement lag as found in most medical ‘escalation’ services. Our ETS service ‘de-escalation’ model delivers immediate access via the most highly qualified FACEM Emergency Specialists, providing our clients with peace of mind and knowing that any medical emergency is expertly handled... anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night.

Many of our global clients operate in remote and hostile environments, with limited communications and transport links, so it makes the delivery of medical care and evacuations difficult to manage in a safe and effective time frame. This is particularly so for complex, acute emergency ‘life and limb’ cases, where this type of challenging acute care requires specialized clinical support delivered remotely and expertly to on-site health facilities, or incident scenes. ETS underpins our acute service delivery with effective communications and a concurrent ability to inform your HSE management team across every step of the process.

With the legal onus of a client’s employee health and safety liability now having shifted to a company director’s personal liability for an organization, rather than the organization itself and with an employer required to provide like services to a remotely stationed employee as found at the organizations home base, ETS’s remote capabilities are being taken very seriously with many of our national and international clients.

Parallel to our acute clinical services is our ability to oversee high level triage of minor injuries, providing clinical intelligence and governance for avoiding unnecessary OSHA recordable events.

Let’s face it, while acute trauma situations need to be covered in the event of a human mistake or equipment failure, client sites should also have immediate access to independent Specialist teams who can expertly provide the highest level of ‘day to day’ medical support to your HSE teams. This ETS support ensures your site HSE teams are appropriately empowered to keep your workforce healthy and focused on the job.

ETS’s proprietary 24/7 ETS Acute Clinical Hub, located in Perth WA, provides the necessary technology and Clinical expertise essential to lead the management of your remote medical injuries to a standard that your employees, directors, and shareholders deserve.

Our Consulting Services - Identifying Clients Healthcare Gaps and Managing Risks

Principally at ETS we are advising client Boards/Executives at the ‘highest level’ of medical advice available, anywhere in the world and with unmatched clinical human resource depth. This capability empowers us to lead high level strategy & logistics planning, complementing our grass root’s ability to underpin all employees and Executives with our unrivaled 24/7 lifesaving FACEM support and specialist remote advice. An example of consultancy areas we support many of our global clients with are as follows:

  • Strategic Planning - improvements in the processes and structure for strategic review, planning and development of health services. Forward-looking approaches which take into consideration the business needs, risks, gaps, and opportunities.
  • Health Crisis Management and Planning – Disease Outbreak Management e.g. CV19
  • Clinical Governance - improvements in the processes for review and updating medical services, processes, and procedures.
  • Clinical processes and documentation – for example review and re-assessment of Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Medical & Services capacity – independent review of capacity and skills of HSE contractors & service providers
  • Emergency Services Officers:
    • review of required qualifications and skills
    • review of scope of practice
    • formalization of Continuing Professional Development strategy
  • Information technology – e.g. improved medical software and health surveillance database
  • TelePresence - opportunities for significantly improved provision of remote medical services
  • Medical equipment - review of existing equipment and opportunities for modernized improvement.
  • Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) – much of 1. to 8. above would be covered in a robust and modernised company MERP, created as a transferable template and able to be standardised across our client’s other business units and sites.
    • One of the greatest values we deliver to clients is the ability to refresh and modernize an organizations MERP, adopting global best practices, current generation technologies (e.g. TelePresence solutions) and with the highest level of senior clinical input available. This consulting service alone adds significant security and value to our clients.